Meet Lumi, Our Mascot and Chicagoland’s Favorite Light bulb

Lumi is a fun-loving light bulb of many talents. Lumi, the mascot of The Illuminators Outdoor Lighting, promotes and advocates for dazzling outdoor landscape lighting installations and competent outdoor lighting repair services. He likes to help the rest of the The Illuminators out from time to time with new landscape lighting installations and landscape lighting service calls. However, that’s only when He is not out strolling around the Chicagoland area shining his brightness in the community!

Make sure you keep an eye out for Lumi on social media, on our website and in person around the Chicagoland area. Please stop and say hi if you see him out and about in your area! He likes to meet new people, make new friends and take pictures with them whenever possible! As you can see in the following pictures, Lumi sure likes to have fun and is a happy light bulb. He sure gets around!