Our customers usually have many common questions regarding outdoor landscape lighting design, installation, maintenance, service and repairs. Please read through the following frequently asked questions to see if they might answer your specific questions. If you have any additional questions not listed below please contact us as we are happy to answer all of your questions! Throughout The Illuminators Outdoor Lighting interactions with our customers we constantly educate them in all aspects of outdoor landscape lighting and while doing so it answers most all of their questions.

Outdoor lighting is our entire business! Our focus is the design, installation, maintenance and repair of outdoor landscape lighting. We’re experts on design techniques, lamp capabilities, and correct wire specification. We have all the right equipment to properly install and/or repair any outdoor landscape lighting system. Landscapers, sprinkler installers, brick layers, most electricians, exterminators, etc… don’t have the right tools, equipment, or knowledge to implement high quality outdoor lighting systems.
A professionally designed and installed lighting system uses components that are far superior to do-it-yourself store-bought lighting kits. The Illuminators install heavy brass fixtures along with multi-tap transformers. Home store fixtures are typically made of a lower quality material, such as aluminum or plastic composite. These fixtures will quickly degrade in the elements. When you hold one of our heavy brass fixtures in your hands at the free design consultation you will feel the difference!
Since each lighting project and design is unique, it is difficult to put a “true” price tag on installations unless we perform a free on-site design consultation specifically for you. Every project will have its own set of site specifics that need to be considered when formulating a design and ultimately a project cost. We can formulate a lighting system to fit any budget. The great part about outdoor landscape lighting is it is very flexible to install and is scalable. We can often install the lighting in multiple phases over time according to your budget and design requirements. A new LED landscape lighting system costs just pennies a night to operate.
The Illuminators have extensive knowledge and industry-specific, non-invasive hand tools needed to install wire and lighting fixtures. The only evidence we were there are the wonderful lighting effects. We take great care not to disturb the existing landscaping.
Depending on the site’s ground conditions, the wire for your landscape lighting system is installed between 6 to 12 inches underground.
We have many options for controlling systems, however, most of our systems use a hassle-free, self-adjusting, Astronomical timer. This turns your system on automatically at sunset and turns it off at sunrise or any other desired off time. All available control options (Astro, WIFI, Photocell, Mechanical, etc..) can be discussed at the design consultation.
We provide ongoing and affordable annual maintenance and service calls as needed for our customers. The Illuminators are happy to help If you ever want to maintain, repair, expand or modify your outdoor lighting system. We even perform service and maintenance on lighting we didn’t originally install.
Yes! Landscape lighting systems undergo a lot with our volatile weather each season, which is why maintenance is needed at least 1 – 2 times a year to maintain system integrity. Having regular maintenance done by professionals is simply protection for your original investment. This way your outdoor lights will last for years to come and continue to illuminate as originally designed and intended.
All light fixtures and transformers we install are backed by manufacturer warranties, most of which are lifetime warranties. In addition, all installations performed by The Illuminators come with our own complete comprehensive warranty on materials and workmanship. We want you to be absolutely happy with your new outdoor lighting.
You can order replacement bulbs for your system directly from our office whenever needed by contacting us at 630-584-3800. The Illuminators can schedule a service call or maintenance visit to install replacement bulbs for you. We can also ship them to you to install yourself.
A big concern for many customers is the color output that LED bulbs produce. When first introduced to the market, LEDs were infamous for giving off a cold blue light (5000 Kelvin) that felt industrial and unwelcoming. Fortunately, this technology has made massive improvements; the light given off by LED bulbs is now indistinguishable from the light that outdated halogen bulbs emit. Our LED systems are installed with the industry standard warm-white color temperature (2700 Kelvin), same as halogen. You won’t be able to tell the difference! In addition, 5000 Kelvin (day-light) bulbs are available by special request if preferred.
The Illuminators do not install traditional holiday string lighting, however, many of our light fixtures are compatible with colored LED bulbs (Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue). Save time and money by not installing traditional holiday string lighting. Enjoy the beauty of colored LED landscape lighting by changing just a few bulbs for the holiday season or special occasions.
Typical lead time is 1 – 3 weeks after the project is approved, but weather conditions may affect this.
The Illuminators routinely serve the entire Chicagoland area including parts of Boone, Cook, Dekalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Will and Winnebago counties. We have also installed projects in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Other areas could be served depending on certain project specifications.
We do not have a retail showroom, rather, we will bring the showroom to you! Schedule a free design consultation and we will bring samples of all the high-quality fixtures and equipment that we install. Let us show you how beautiful your home or business can be.
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