Material Matters in Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Brass landscape lighting fixtures are a must for any long-term landscape lighting system! An important factor to consider is the material that the light fixtures are made of. Especially living in the Midwest, our outdoor lights must be endure extreme weather conditions that bring high heat, below freezing temperatures and considerable moisture.

Aluminum and composite fixtures (a mixture of plastics) are common and inexpensive options for outdoor lighting; however, these materials do not have a very long lifespan outdoors. Sun exposure, corrosive elements in soils, and high humidity all contribute to corrosion of these materials outdoors. This does lead to a beaten, discolored, and brittle appearance. It is not uncommon for these fixtures to chip and break down after facing the elements for a relatively short period of time.

Solid Brass Lighting Fixtures Last

What is a good material for outdoor lighting fixtures? The ILLUMINATORS use ONLY high quality, heavy duty brass fixtures with a sleek bronze finish. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion and will hold up in our harsh weather when properly maintained. Brass is durable, and will last much longer than other types of metal fixtures. In addition, these types of fixtures will patina- meaning their color will change over time. As copper develops a patina, it turns green. But as brass goes through the patina process, it subtly turns darker, still upholding its original bronze integrity without corroding. Brass landscape lighting fixtures are a must use in the Chicagoland and Illinois area!

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